Learn to Swim Classes

Quillian Center is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Safe Splash to provide swim lessons this summer. By partnering with Safe Splash, Quillian Center will be able to offer more lesson times and smaller class sizes, as well as a simple online registration process.

Swim lessons will be offered in two different packages. The first one is a 4 lesson package that will take place over the period of one week. The price for the 4 lesson package is $79. The second package consists of 8 lessons over two consecutive weeks. The 8 lesson package is $150. All swim lessons will be 30 minutes long, and take place on Monday - Thursday with Friday being a makeup day if a class is cancelled by the instructor. 

Quillian Center and Safe Splash are working hand in hand in making more lessons available for 2017. Please stay tuned for more info. 

To register, visit our website www.safesplash.com choose your location and click on the registration button.  Once you register someone will contact you to be placed in a class.  For those of you who have taken lessons with Safesplash before you only need call our registration office 832-940-7075 and they can place you into a class.