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Do I have to sign up for the whole summer?

No.  Once registration opens, you can sign up for as many, or as few, weeks of camp that you need.  Each week of camp is designed to be its own experience. 

This year we have early bird registration rates to help you save for each week that you register for in advance.  Take advantage of these discounted rates that begin April 1st and ends May 31st.  Don't wait to the last minute and miss out on the savings.  

Review the Camp Quillian Pricing in the Camp Quilian section to review the discounted rates avaible to you this summer. 


Can I do a daily drop-in during the Summer?

Yes.  Drop- In's are avaiable during the summer for campers who have attended at least one week of camp.  Please note: Drop- In availability is limited based on full-time camper attendance.  If you would like to register your child for a drop in day or two, you must reserve a spot with us by contacting Beverly Okosun at who will confirm availbility.  Once a confrimation has occured, the camper will be enrolled online for their specific drop-in.   The invoice must be paid in full prior to the scheudled date.  Drop-In's are $75 per day, per camper and there is a maximum 2 day limit within a week.  

What is a "Specialty Camp"?

Specialty camps are electives that you choose to help tailor your camper's experience.  Baseball, basketball, volleyball, softball, water polo, swimming lessons, dance, tumbling, art, science, and Kid City are just a few of the specialty camps we offer.  Each camper will go to one specialty camp for the week(s) that they are here. The selections available for each week of camp are different.  Please note that some specialty camps have limited spacing and can fill up pretty quickly.  

Rookie Campers will get the opportunity this year to choose a sports or an enrichment track.  Campers will be will  learn different sports like volleyball, baseball, basketball, martial arts and soccer each day. Counselors will teach the fundamental skills of the sport through drills and games.  Rookie campers enrolled in the enrichment track will particpate in varuous classes such as art, music, science, creating fun foods and organized games that will tap into their creative and expressive abilities. 

Check out the Camp Quilian section to review the specialty camp schedule to see what is available for the weeks your camper will be attending camp.

Do the campers get to swim?

Yes.  Every camper has the opition to go swimming everyday at 4:15 P.M.  The pools are closed to the public at this time, and only our campers will get to enjoy their swim time.   Every camper is swim tested the first time they go to the pool.  Campers that pass the swim test get to swim in the shallow and deep end of the pools.  Campers that do not pass the swim test are limited to the roped off shallow end of the big pool or Noah's Ark, depending on their age.  Group 1 campers (5 and 6 year olds) are only allowed to swim in Noah's Ark.  Both pools are staffed by certified lifeguards as well as camp counselors.

What is a snack card?

Afternoon snack time is one of the campers favorite times to visit the concession stand.  The concession stand is located next to the Quillian pools.  During snack time and during swim time, the concession stand is open to campers.  Snack cards work like prepaid credit cards and are sold in $5 increments online are in the front office.  Once purchased, snack cards are kept in the concession stand so that campers can use them to order drinks and snacks during their snack time or while at the pool during swim time.  Restrictions can be placed on the card, such as no sweets, or $2 daily limit.  Please take advantage buying snack cards in advance and do not send your camper to camp with any cash.  A snack card does not have to be purchased for a camper.  Campers who do not have a purchased snack card are welcomed to bring thier own snacks or we will provide a snack for your child during snack time.  Generally we will provide snacks such as goldfish, oreos, nila wafers, etc.  

Do you serve lunch, or should I pack a lunch?

We offer catered lunches everyday from different restaurants in the area.  There is an additional cost of $8 per lunch, per day.  Lunches must be ordered online no later than 12:00 noon the day before.  Campers may pack their own lunch or have lunch delivered to them if they do not prefer the catered meal. 

Quillian Center does not have refridgiration space to keep lunches for campers but do have microwaves on campus to assit with warming up thier lunches.  

How do I drop my child off in the morning?

How do I pickup my child from camp?

Every morning, you will bring your camper into the gym and check them in at the front desk.  Once checked in camp staff will instruct you on where your child will begin their day.  Quilian Center opens at 8:00 A.M.  Camper arrival should be from 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.  After morning roll call, our programing begins at 9:15 A.M.  We will begin a energetic Grand Assembly focused on getting the campers excited for the day with fun games, team competitions and guest speakers.  After Grand Assembly we go into our Speciality Camps, one of the biggest components of Camp Quillian!  To ensure your camper enjoys all the elements of Camp.  Please be mindful of our start time and have your camper ready to enjoy an action packed day starting at 9:15 A.M. 

When dropping off in the morning, please do not park on the curb or  near the fire lane located in front of Quillian Center.  Please park your car in a designated parking spot next to the Quillian playground. 

Do we need to bring anything to camp?

Starting at 4:00 P.M. parents will come inside to the checkout table located within the front doors of the Quillian Center by the gymnaisum.  Camp administration will ask you for a valid picture ID.  Once we verify who you are, you will get a "camper pick-up card" and they we will let you know where to get your camper.  Camper pick-up cards let the camp staff know that you've gone through the appropriate check-out procedure.  When you get to your camper, you will trade your camper pick-up card for your camper. 

IIf you are picking up before 4:00 P.M, please go to the front office of Quillian Center to check your child out with a Quillian Administrator.  Your child will be paged and brought to the front office by a Quillian staffer once you or the authorized pick up person has been verified.  

Can I come visit your facility/camp?

Campers should be dressed comfortably when arriving at Camp Quillian.  Campers should  wear closed toed shoes, pack a water bottle, swimsuit, towel, flip flops to wear after swimtime, and sunscreen.   


Camp is a place for campers to socialize, make new friends and create new memories.  At no time are CELL PHONES allowed at Camp Quillian.  In addition; electronics, games, toys, trading cards, etc., are not allowed and will be taken up and held at the main desk in the gym. 

During speciality camp we provide equipment for the campers but if your child has specialized equipment for the sport or actvitiy they are signed up for, they are welcomed to bring the equipment to camp for that specialty camp hour.  

We would love to give you a tour of our facility and show you everything Quillian has to offer.  To schedule a tour, please contact Beverly Okosun at 713-458-4707 or  We look foward to meeting you and your family.  

What if I have a question that has not been answered here?

Please email Beverly Okosun ( to assit answering any questions you may have regarding Camp Quillian.  

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