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Do I have to sign up for the whole summer?

No. Once registration opens, you can sign up for as many, or as few, weeks of camp that you need.  Each week of camp is designed to be its own experience and campers do not need to have been here previous weeks or summers to feel like they know what's going on.

Will you run out of space if I don't sign up early?

No.  We are licensed and prepared for more kids than we have EVER had sign up.  The only downside is that you may not have as many specialty camp options if you wait. Please note: Drop- In availability is limited based on full-time camper attendance. 

What is a "Specialty Camp"?

Specialty camps are electives that you choose to help tailor your camper's experience.  Baseball, basketball, volleyball, softball, water polo, swimming lessons, dance, tumbling, art, science, and kid city are just a few of the specialty camps we offer.  Each camper will go to one specialty camp for the week(s) that they are here. The selections available for each week of camp are different.  Look at the link above for the specialty camp schedule to see what is available for the weeks your camper will be here.

I see a pool, do the campers get to swim?

Yes.  Every camper has the option to go swimming everyday at 4 pm.  The pools are closed to the public at this time, and only our campers will be in the pools.

Is my camper safe in the pool?

Yes.  Every camper is swim tested the first time they go to the pool.  Campers that pass the swim test get free reign of the pool.  Campers that do not pass the swim test are limited to the roped off shallow end of the big pool or Noah's Ark, depending on their age.  Group 1 campers (5 and 6 year olds) are only allowed to swim in Noah's Ark.  Both pool s are manned by certified lifeguards as well as camp counselors.

Do you serve lunch, or should I pack a lunch?

We offer catered lunches everyday from different restaurants in the area.  There is an additional cost for each of these meals.  However, you are more than welcome to pack a lunch for your camper

What is a snack card?

Our pools are supported by a concession stand. During snack time (which happens in the outdoor pavilion next to pool) and during swim time, the concession stand is also open to campers.  Snack cards work like prepaid credit cards and are sold in $5 increments.  Once purchased, snack cards are kept in the concession stand so that campers may use them to order drinks and snacks.  Please take advantage of the snack cards and do not send your camper to camp with any cash.

Do we have to buy a snack card? Or do you provide snack?

No.  Camp provides a snack every afternoon during snack time.  Snack cards are used by campers to get something above and beyond whatever is offered to them by the camp.

How do I drop my child off in the morning?

Every morning, you'll bring your camper in to the gym and check them in at the front desk. Give them a little love as you say good-bye and we'll take it from there.

How do I pickup my child from camp?

Come in to the gym and sign them out at the check out area. Camp administration will ask you for a valid picture ID.  Once we verify who you are, you will get a "camper pick-up card" and we will let you know where to get your camper.  Camper pick-up cards let the camp staff know that you've gone through the appropriate check-out procedure.When you get to your camper, you'll trade your camper pick-up card for your camper. 

Do we need to bring anything to camp?

Unless your camper is in a specialty camp, they can bring their own sports equipment for, or they plan to go swimming that day, there is no need to bring anything from home. Specifically, items like cell phones, electronics, games, trading cards, etc., will be taken up and held at the main desk in the gym.  Water bottles, specialty camp supplies, special event supplies, and pool necessities, are the only things your camper should ever bring to camp with them.

Can I come visit your facility/camp?

Of course! We have an open door policy.  The best time to come by for a visit is Monday thru Friday,  after 4 pm. Go to the gym and let whoever you see behind the desk know that you're here to talk about camp and take a tour and they'll get you taken care of.  If you can't come by during those times, please feel free to give us a call first so that we can make sure someone is here to help you out.

What if I have a question that has not been answered here?

Please email Beverly (  or Scarlett ( and we'll be happy to answer any question you may have.  If we see that we're answering the same question repeatedly, we'll add it to the list here.

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