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         Fitness Classes

It's time to get to it this year!  Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?  Get ready to start your fitness journey at Quilian Center.  We have classes that are just rightfor you.  Currenlty we offer Zumba classes on Monday and Bootcamp classes on Saturday!  You will be led by qualified trainers ready to get you to the next level.  Quillian Center has amentities such as a pavilion court, track and field for our Bootcamp classes and a indoor facility great for our Zumba classes.  Your first session with any fitness class will always be free.  We encorage you to bring a group of friends to heighten your expereince with us as you begin your healthy journey.   All fitness levels are welcomed at Quillian Center! 

We will see you soon!  For any questions on fitness classes, please contact Beverly Okosun at 713-458-4707 or   

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